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Community Participation

  • The intention is to empower mothers of the children covered under the programme to supervise the preparation and serving of the meal and to exercise an effective vigil.
  • Mothers are encouraged to take turns to oversee the feeding of the children, thus ensuring quality and regularity of the meal. For this, they need to devote only a couple of hours once or twice in a month.
  • This simple intervention of ‘mothers watch’, gives them a voice and a role and greater ownership of the programme.
  • The State governments are expected to roll out a mass mobilization campaign to involve mothers.
  • Effective mobilization would include :
    • Preference to women in engagement of cooks cum helpers
    • Orienting mothers towards their role in supervision of the preparation and cooking of meal.
    • Bringing home to them the fact that their involvement, as the prime stake-holder, would substantially improve the regularity and quality of the meal.
    • Sensitizing mothers to the critical aspects of the programme required to be supervised by them.
    • Formalisation of ways of maintaining rosters to enable mothers to take turns on specified days of the year and participate effectively.
    • Getting their suggestions on strengthening the programme strategies, to enhance community involvement, value addition to meals, etc.