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MDM is implemented in the State from January 2003 for the children of classes I to V. Extended to class I-VIII from 2008. Extended to the children of classes IX and X with effect from October, 2008 (100% State share). Extended to Special Training Centres (NCLP) from 2010. Model schools are also being covered from the year 2013-14.


  • To avoid classroom hunger.
  • To increase school enrollment.
  • To increase school attendance.
  • To reduce gender gap, fostering social equality.
  • To address malnutrition, promoting schools participation, Woman empowerment.

COVERAGE 2019-20

S.No Stage No.of Institutions No.of Students
1 Primary & NCLP 35201 1823185
2 Upper Primary 4550 1125131
3 High Schools 5733 711129
Total 45484 3659445


  • At present 88,296 Cooks are working in the State.
  • Cook cum Helpers are engaged in schools based on the strength as shown below :

  • One Cook-cum-Helper – for Schools having up to 25students.
  • Two Cook-cum-Helpers - for Schools having 26 to 100students.
  • One additional Cook-cum-Helper - for every addition of 100students.
  • The honorarium was enhanced from Rs.1000/- to 3000/- per head with effect from August 2019. Out of this amount the Government of India’s share is Rs.600/- and State Government’s share is Rs.2400/-.

Revised Menu :

The Hon’ble Chief Minister has personally reviewed the persistence of malnutrition among children and possible supplementary nutritional food to be provided to children. The Hon’ble Chief Minister has directed for initiating immediate steps on the following items immediately:

  • To revise the existing Menu as acceptable, tastier, nutritious and cost effective one under Mid-Day Meal Scheme to address the malnutrition among the school goring children.
  • Providing additional nutritious food (Peanut-Jaggery laddu) to all the children in the State. children as an additional nutritious food under JaganannaGorumudda (Mid-Day Meal Scheme).

As per directions of the Hon’ble Chief Minster the nutritional experts of Home Science College, Guntur were consulted. As per the suggestions of the Nutritional Experts the menu is revised. The Newly proposed weekly menu plan for MDM Scheme As per norms Peanut-Jaggery Chikki weighing 25 grams is to be provided per child for Primary and Upper Primary/ High Schools for three days per week is as follows:

Day Menu Items
Monday Cooked-Rice (Annam), Pappuchaaru, Egg curry (Guddu -koora), Chikki
Tuesday Tamarind/lemon/mango-rice (Pulihora) Dhal with Tomatoes (Tomato pappu) Boiled Egg (Udikinchinaguddu)
Wednesday Vegetable-Rice (Kooragayalaannam), Aloo Khurma Boiled Egg (Udikinchinaguddu), Chikki
Thursday Kitchidi (Pesarapappuannam), Tomato chutney (Tomato-chutney), Boiled Egg (Udikinchinaguddu)
Friday Cooked Rice (Annam), Dhal with green leaves (Akukoorapappu) Boiled Egg (Udikinchinaguddu), Chikki
Saturday Cooked Rice (Annam), Sambar Sweet-pongal (Theepipongali)

Food Norms:

INGREDIENTS I to V Classes VI to X Classes
Food grains (rice) 100 g / d 150 g / d
Pulse (red gram + Green gram dhal) 16 g / d 23 g / d
Vegetables (leafy also) 57 g / d 87 g / d
Oil & fat 7 g / d 9.7 g / d
Eggs 5 eggs / week 5 eggs / week
Spices & condiments As per need As per need
Peanut-Jaggery balls 75 g/week 75 g/week

Cost Per Child:

INGREDIENTS Cost per Child
Primary Stage Upper Primary Stage
ITEM Central State Primary Total Central State Upper Primary Total HS (100% State)
Food GrainsAs per Government of India norms 2.69 1.79 4.48 4.03 2.68 6.71 6.71
Including cost of egg (@Rs.4/- per day) 0.00 4.00 4.00 0.00 4.00 4.00 4.00
Including Cost of rice (Pry & UP Rs.3/- per kg, HS-Rs.34/- per kg) 0.30 0.00 0.30 0.45 0.00 0.45 5.10
Transportation charges to APSCSC Ltd., 0.15 0.00 0.15 0.23 0.00 0.23 0.23
Including honorarium to Cook-cum-Helpers 0.67 2.67 3.34 0.67 2.67 3.34 3.34
Including Enhanced cooking cost as per Revised Menu (Rs.0.43 for pry, Rs.0.40 for UP & HS 0.00 0.43 0.43 0.00 0.40 0.40 0.40
Including supplementary nutrition (Peanut-Jaggery balls) 0.00 1.69 1.69 0.00 1.69 1.69 1.69
Total cost per child per day 0.81 10.58 14.39 05.38 11.44 16.82 21.47


With an objective to providing hygiene, healthy and nutritious food to the school children the NGOs/ Trusts/ Agencies were permitted to establish Centralized Kitchens in the State and provide hygiene meals to the children as per norms.

The details of the private agencies working under MDM is as follows

sl.no Name of the Agency No. of Kitchens Working Mandals Covered Schools Covered Children Covered
1 Akshaya Patra Foundation 9 21 1606 163279
2 ISCKON 5 22 836 102350
3 Ektha Shakthi, New Delhi 6 20 664 75734
4 Alluri SitaRama Raju Educational Society, E.Godavari. 2 8 436 33584
5 Buddavarapu Trust, E.Godavari 1 4 131 10016
6 Godavari VidyaVikasa Society, W.Godavari 2 8 54 20912
7 Annapurna Welfare Society, Anantapur 1 1 33 5571
Total 26 84 3760 411446

Nutri / Kitchen Gardens:

  • As directed by Hon’ble Chief Minister Nutri-gardens (Kitchen Gardens) shall be established in the open area of school (other than play ground) with the help of Farmer community of the village and Horticulture Dept. The vegetables from nutrition garden shall be used in preparation of meals for the children.
  • Necessary awareness programmes and training were given to the Head Masters/ Teachers /Cooks.
  • It is proposed to improve the Nutri-Gardens during the year 2020-21.
  • A part of Flexi funds is utilized for development of Kitchen gardens.

Impact of revised menu

  • Steep rise in the percentage of MDM Consumption - From 87% as on Dec’19 to 95% as in the last week of Jan’20
  • The number of children taking meals increased from 2429196 (as on December 2019 i.e. prior to implementation of revised menu) to 2974010 (as per report of last week of January after implementation of revised menu).

Foodgrain through e-POS system:

Under procurement of Food grains through E-POS the HM/SHG member, who is the Cook-cum-Helper (CCH), shall draw the Food grains directly from the nearest Fair Price Shop to School point through Aadhar identification as per requirement from August-2016 onwards to avoid supply of underweight bags. and bills generate for the drawn the foodgrains to payment to APSCSC Ltd..

LPG Connection to MDM:

In the State all schools are having LPG Connections, the remaining schools are using fire wood and solar as fuel. The Government decided to provide 100% LPG connection to the schools. The availability of LPG in schools is 98.85% at present. Vizianagaram, Vishakapatnam, West Godavari, Krishna, Prakasam, Guntur and Chittoor districts have obtained LPG connections to all the schools under NDEC from the HPCL i.e.100% schools having LPG connections.

Kitchen Sheds:

31213 were sanctioned under Phase-I. Out of this 11690 were completed and the remaining 19523 kitchen Sheds were surrendered to GoI for enhancement of construction cost. Under Phase-II, 13103 kitchen sheds have been sanctioned. Out of this Administrative sanction has been accorded for 8424 kitchen sheds and 6652 are grounded and 4695 are completed.

Monitoring through App /SMS in Schools:

All schools in the State to arrive at the accurate MDM attendance. State Government provided one Tablet to all HMs to upload the MDM Daily attendance through APP or SMS. In Andhra Pradesh the student data is linked with their Aadhar Numbers to get actual enrollment without any duplication.

Monitoring of Jagananna Gorumudda(MDM) through online is developed. Under this system the details of Children attended, opted and availed MDM is being captured through SMS/ Mobile App in co-ordination with NIC and AP Online. It is linked to Core Dash board and also to GoI portal i.e. Automated Monitoring System. and CM core dash board also.

Payment directly to Beneficiary:

To save delay in Payment of bills, Payment is being made directly from State to the Agencies in consultation with the AP Centre for Finance System and Services Department(APCFSS). (https://apmdm.apcfss.in/jsp/common/mdmPublicReports.jsp)

Drinking Water at School:

All Schools having Drinking water facility by the Government /Municipal water. Some off School having Water filtration RO,UV, Candle filter, Activated carbon provided by the local Leaders / donors.

Infrastructure at Schools:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have been providing for basic facilities to all Schools in phased manner like (Compound wall, Electricity, Student/Teacher Furniture, Library, Staff room, playground). Toilets are maintained by Local Municipalities/Panchayats. Visit for the following link: http://schoolinfra.vassarlabs.com/schoolinfra/district/state/28/ALL/ALL/ALL/100000.

Four Level of Monitoring System:


  • In order to collect data, monitor, review, address grievances it is proposed to develop a Mobile Application.
  • It is a Mobile based application covering all the officers/ Parent Committee/ Village Educational Welfare Assistant.
  • To equip the Head Masters, Parent Committee Members, Welfare & Education Assistants in Rural Areas/ Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary in ULBs for Monitoring of Scheme.
  • Training Programme to Master Level Trainers (5 members from each district) on usage of Mobile App, Monitoring MDM & Sanitation thru the extensive use of the new App was conducted on 5th March.
  • The Master Trainers inturn conduct district level trainings and training is continued till it reaches School Level.
  • District-Level and Mandal Level Trainings will be conducted shortly.

Centralized Monitoring:

All the Inspecting officers like MEOs, DEOs, RJDs, Addl Directors and Direct MDM were monitoring the implementation of MDM at ground level once in a week and submit the feedback through MDM App. https://scm.ap.gov.in/SCM/MDMFeedback.jsp